Cosmetic Procedures

Coolglide Laser Hair Removal

The Coolglide is an effective laser for the removal of unwanted hair for all skin types and tones, from light to dark, including tanned skin. The Coolglide can remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms and back. It can also treat sensitive areas like the chest, nipples and bikini line. When the pulse of light is delivered, there is a pinching or stinging sensation. Cool air is directed over the treatment area, increasing comfort. A topical anesthetic cream may be applied to more sensitive areas. In order for the laser to be effective, the hair follicles must contain color and, therefore, blond and red hair does not respond well to the treatment. No laser can treat white or gray hair. Because hair grows in phases and only actively growing hair will respond to the laser, a series of treatments will be needed. Treatment sessions are usually spaced four to eight weeks apart to compensate for this growth cycle. Between treatments you may shave the remaining hairs. The laser delivers light energy to hundreds of hairs at a time, making this method the most rapid and effective for hair removal.

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Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy  ButtePhotodynamic therapy (PDT) is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat acne and precancerous skin lesions. PDT uses a topical photosensitizer called Levulan, which is applied to the skin and allowed to incubate for a specified amount of time. The skin is then exposed to a specific light energy in order to activate the medication and destroy the targeted cells. The medication remains active for up to 48 hours and, therefore, strict avoidance of sunlight and bright light is necessary for the 48 hours from the time that the Levulan was applied to the skin. Two or three treatments are often needed, scheduled four or more weeks apart, and can produce a profound improvement in acne. Maintenance treatments can be performed as needed, once the acne is under control.

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Fillers – Radiesse® & Restylane®

While many people think of aging as merely getting wrinkles, it is also commonly associated with the loss of volume in the face. Facial features once accentuated by fullness can become marked by deep lines, folds and depressions. Fillers are an ideal way to correct these problems by restoring youthful volume to the face. The procedure can be performed with minimal to no downtime and without the expense associated with surgery. Fillers are commonly used to correct deep smile lines, depressions at the corners of the mouth and chin, sagging cheek bones, dark circles under the eyes and to sculpt thin lips. Results are visible immediately and last six to twelve months or longer.

At Montana Facial Surgery, we use the Restylane® and Radiesse® family of fillers. Restylane® is a hyaluronic acid filler and Radiesse® is calcium based, both natural substances found throughout your body. While fillers are a safe solution for someone wanting to "freshen" their look, the outcome depends on the experience and skill of the injector to provide consistent, pleasing results. Dr. Kaufman performs all filler treatments.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX | Radiesse | Restylane | ButteWhether you look tired, need a quick refresher, or are troubled by crow’s feet or a frown, BOTOX® Cosmetic might be the right solution for you. BOTOX® is best known for quickly and effectively relaxing age-related wrinkles and is the ideal solution for someone who wants to look better without any recovery. BOTOX® also helps to delay the formation of wrinkles and prevents the progression of wrinkles that are already present. BOTOX® is complementary to fillers, and the two procedures are often combined. BOTOX® is commonly used around the eyes (often called crow's feet), between the eyebrows and in the forehead. We also use BOTOX® for functional reasons, such as facial and neck spasms and excessive sweating. While BOTOX® has increased in popularity worldwide due to its safety and predictable results, you should be cautious about where you go for treatment and who is providing the service to ensure a safe and natural outcome.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes, and most patients begin to see the effects of BOTOX® within a few days, though it can take up to two weeks to see complete results. The benefits of BOTOX® typically last for 3 to 4 months. Side effects from BOTOX® are rare and minor in nature. By visiting Montana Facial Surgery, you will be assured you are receiving the highest in quality and the best in care.

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Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that improves mild to moderate sun damage, scaling and roughness, acne and other superficial skin problems. It can also help to enhance circulation for healthier skin. A vibrating abrasive paddle removes the outer layer of skin and provides a fresh, glowing appearance. Any part of the body including the face, chest, neck, arms and hands can be treated. There is only mild transient redness after the procedure and you can return to regular activities immediately. Microdermabrasion is often combined with other skin renewal procedures. Multiple treatments are recommended for full effect and periodic maintenance therapy is also encouraged.

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