Nasal and Sinus Conditions

Sinus infections are one of the most common reasons to seek medical care, affecting almost 50 million Americans every year. The vast majority of sinus infections will respond quickly to medical treatment. However, some infections are difficult to resolve and can continue until more aggressive treatment is given. The longer a sinus infection continues, the harder it is to clear up. Unfortunately, some infections will not resolve even with the best medical treatment and can then require surgery for resolution of the symptoms.

The more stubborn infections are often found in people who have previously had several sinus infections or have other conditions which make the infection harder to treat. Allergies, asthma or polyps all add to the risk of having infections that do not respond well to medical therapy.

Early symptoms of a sinus infection include headache and pain, nasal congestion and discharge, frequently down the back of the throat. As the infection continues, the pain often becomes less intense, the pressure in the face increases and there is a distinct lack of energy. These symptoms are still often treatable with medicine, but if this fails, surgery can be considered. Difficulty breathing through the nose can also be due to changes in the nose and may not be related to the sinuses

Sinus and nasal surgery is performed as an outpatient under general anesthesia. Restrictions following surgery include no heavy lifting or aerobic activity for 10 days. You can be up and about the day after your procedure. No packing is used with any nasal or sinus surgery. Follow-up is usually about 10 days after the procedure and then you are seen as often as needed.

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