BOTOX® Cosmetic

Whether you look tired, need a quick refresher, or are troubled by crow’s feet or a frown, BOTOX® Cosmetic might be the right solution for you. BOTOX® is best known for quickly and effectively relaxing age-related wrinkles and is the ideal solution for someone who wants to look better without any recovery. BOTOX® also helps to delay the formation of wrinkles and prevents the progression of wrinkles that are already present. BOTOX® is complementary to fillers, and the two procedures are often combined. BOTOX® is commonly used around the eyes (often called crow’s feet), between the eyebrows and in the forehead. We also use BOTOX® for functional reasons, such as facial and neck spasms and excessive sweating. While BOTOX® has increased in popularity worldwide due to its safety and predictable results, you should be cautious about where you go for treatment and who is providing the service to ensure a safe and natural outcome.
The treatment takes about 15 minutes, and most patients begin to see the effects of BOTOX® within a few days, though it can take up to two weeks to see complete results. The benefits of BOTOX® typically last for 3 to 4 months. Side effects from BOTOX® are rare and minor in nature. By visiting Montana Facial Surgery, you will be assured you are receiving the highest in quality and the best in care.

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