As we age, our skin begins to change as a result of several different life factors. The natural collagen within the skin begins to diminish and skin may sag and droop. Other skin conditions such as acne, brown spots and chicken pox can leave unattractive blemishes on the skin. Resurfacing procedures clear away the damaged outer layers of the skin to reveal the younger, smoother and healthier skin below that can improve your appearance and self-confidence.

There are many different resurfacing procedures available to help patients achieve the beautiful, youthful-looking skin they desire. Fractional laser treatments target only the problem areas of the skin to provide deep resurfacing effects. Phenol peels are the strongest type of chemical peel available, and are used to treat deeper skin problems such as coarse facial wrinkles and pre-cancerous growths.

Dermabrasion removes a layer of surface skin to improve the appearance of facial scarring, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots and other unwanted skin effects. The skin is first frozen and then abraded with a high-speed rotary instrument for a dramatically smoother, fresher look.

These procedures may require a few days or weeks of downtime, but produce noticeable results that significantly improve the health and appearance of the skin.

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